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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon can I expect results?

Immediately! By taking the test, the results will point to one or more categories of email Netiquette that can be strengthened. This may be enough for some to focus upon improving. Additionally the newly tested person can purchase the book or Kindle version of “NetiquetteIQ – A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power To Your Email”. This will provide a detailed how-to and reference work to build Netiquette knowledge and capabilities.

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Will my children benefit from the NIQ test and products?

By all means. The best time to develop strong Netiquette skills is at the early ages. If anyone is a user, their skills and habits can be improved and serve as a future foundation of skilled email writing.

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Does my NetiquetteIQ stay the same?

Great question! In utilizing the NetiquetteIQ products and practicing good, basic Netiquette, the user’s IQ should continue to improve. It is suggested that a refresher test be taken after the first 6-12 months to ascertain the benefits of the NIQ products.

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Can the NIQ products benefit those who primarily text?

Definitely. Basic NetiquetteIQ adds value to any area of electronic communication including texting, blogging, user groups and ecollaboration.

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Who Should use the NetiquetteIQ products?

Email is used by over one third of the earth’s population. Any of these users with English knowledge can derive benefits from the NIQ products. Future enhancements will include other languages as well.

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Are the NetiquetteIQ products for business email users only?

Not at all. The NIQ products are for all users. Personal, casual or business users will all benefit from the products.

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Can I purchase a Kindle version of the NIQ book?

Yes, the Kindle version is available from all of the Kindle sites including [ url to go here].

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English is not my primary language. Can the NIQ products assist me?

Absolutely! The products are very highly recommended for those email users whose first language is not English. By utilizing the NIQ products, many errors can be avoided which otherwise would not be detected.

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