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Benefits of Netiquette IQ

"Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding intimacy and mutual valuing"

- Rollo May


Our book “Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email”, our blog ( and our ratings test for Netiquette IQ all focus upon immediate and compelling ways to reduce common Netiquette email errors. All bring instant positive results.

Although case by case corrections of email mistakes and adjustments are good, the fundamental issues of creating and sustaining email Netiquette education, rules, conventions and practices are virtually non-existent. There is no indication of anything being done to improve upon this. Similarly, traditional English studies including grammar, composition and usage rules are diminishing. Our products allow even the simplest user to improve these practices and skills.

It is a paradox that a communication form utilized by over one third of the world's population has no published usage structure. It is an enigma that a technology so dynamic and technology driven has actually made most of its users less productive by not contributing to people's improvement in lucid communications. The rapidly growing global society and economy can only be better served by useful, not more voluminous communication. If it misuse of electronic communication cannot be significantly reduced, then it is vital that it be made better. Contrast the effects of Netiquette "health" with children's health. Allowing bad grammar daily is as though one is allowing children to eat high fat food and sugar drinks, morning, noon and night. Bad email habits can have the same impact on communication skills as early smoking can on lifelong health.

Better, clearer email and electronic messaging can avert disasters, give access to millions for critical information and deliver news instantaneously. Misinformation over the millennia has sometimes contributed or even caused conflicts. False, controlled information has sometimes contributed to atrocities, fanaticism, violence and many other negative repercussions. What email Netiquette, at its best, offers is a reduction of misunderstanding, tempered language, diplomacy and a vehicle for consistency in electronic communication. Our products raise your Netiquette IQ.

Email should be enhanced and improved upon significantly as technology increases. Many capabilities to facilitate development of programs, prompting education (such as on-line courses or eschools) can and should be implemented. Faster and clearer exchanges of information can reduce many social barriers, strengthen relationships and promote exchanges of ideas. Additionally, misunderstandings, false information and harmful rumors all can be remediated and alleviated utilizing rapid communication.
With all of the great benefits which arise with communication technology advancement, there are conversely many damaging situations and negative consequences. Some of the most obvious of these are malware, harassment, libel, privacy infringement and social humiliation. Netiquette IQ products and services reduce these negative events for its users.

Netiquette IQ products will provide a stepping stone in some small part to an awareness that technology's vast improvement in message communication will be accompanied by equivalent advancement in the effectiveness of its content. It is not implausible to assume that places of learning can offer courses, resources and measurement to contribute to effective cyber language and Netiquette. Ideally, as effective email communications increase, there are so many positive ramifications which can occur both now and well into the future. If utilized properly, advancement in communication technology must be directed to bringing about positive changes in our world. When people communicate properly, good and great things often happen.